Is there any sex or sexual activity involved?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I offer a discipline and spanking service, nothing else. Whilst this for most my clients is sexually arousing, I will not be party to any sexual acts, only discipline and spanking.



How will you know what I want?

Prior to our first session, we will discuss in detail, via email, your requirements. You may wish to set hard and soft limits and then give me a free reign to work within them. Whatever you're after, you'll have chance during those email conversations to make it very clear.


What should I wear?

This will be discussed in the consultation emails. Some people like to come in their normal clothes and some people like to dress up to be party of a roleplay situation for example a naughty schoolgirl or secretary. Each client is different.


Where do the spankings take place?

For the first few sessions, spankings take place at a pre agreed hotel room or something similar. Once we get to know each other, it might be possible for me to attend your house.


How do I make payment?

Payment is normally made in cash on the night but I may request a paypal payment for the first session. The payment is to cover expenses, travel and hotel costs.


What if the spanking gets too much?

If the spanking becomes too much, use your safe word 'Red' and it will stop immediately or 'Amber' and the intensity will decrease.


Are you discrete? Will anyone know?

Absolutely. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the service I offer, one or two people would raise their eyebrows so I tend to keep it to myself. I would extend that same courtesy to you and expect the same in return.


Can my partner come along?

Partners are welcome to come along and watch as long as this is discussed and agreed upon during our email conversation leading up to the first meeting.


What implements do you use?

See the 'Implements' page for a full list of what I use. I do of course like to give a traditional hand spanking as well.


Can we meet in advance?

As a rule, I do not meet clients before a spanking session, I will however if requested, have a telephone conversation with a client to chat through their wants and desires. Ordinarily, we will correspond by email to ensure that your requirements are quite clear prior to the meeting.


I'm scared of being alone with a stranger....

I can understand that, and if you're really unsure about it, that's fine. One suggestion is that I occasionally hold discipline sessions with more than one girl. You can let me know and I can arrange for you to be part of one of those. They don't happen all that often though.


If you've got any other questions, please fire me an email and I'll answer as soon as possible.





The Rules

  • Safe Words - Red means stop!!! Amber means decrease the intensity!!! I will ALWAYS stick to these
  • I offer a spanking and discipline service. There are absolutely no sexual acts to be performed
  • I do not spank men.....ever!!
  • I will never reveal your identity and you shall not reveal mine
  • You will always refer to me as 'Sir' and nothing else