Many of my clients wish to live out a fantasy scenario whereby they play a character of some variety and I play a dominant character.


Typical and common examples are 'Schoolgirl and Teacher' or 'Secretary and Boss'.


In these cases, more often than not, ladies bring with them a costume that will aid the setting of the scene, for example a school uniform or business dress or even a nurse outfit.


As an example, in a 'Schoogirl and Teacher' fantasy, the subject may initially be asked to stand before the teacher and explain her behaviour before being given some lines to complete and then made to stand in the corner for a set period of time to reflect on her behaviour before being summoned for the first part of her spanking. Spankings often start with and over the knee hand spanking and finish with a good old fashioned caning over the desk.


Each fantasy can be discussed in detail prior to the meeting to make sure that the experience is as fun and stimulating as possible.

The Rules

  • Safe Words - Red means stop!!! Amber means decrease the intensity!!! I will ALWAYS stick to these
  • I offer a spanking and discipline service. There are absolutely no sexual acts to be performed
  • I do not spank men.....ever!!
  • I will never reveal your identity and you shall not reveal mine
  • You will always refer to me as 'Sir' and nothing else