Guilt & Punishment

Perhaps you've lied, cheated or racked up an unacceptable Credit Card Bill when you promised yourself you wouldn't.


Many people beat themselves up about such things and consequently, need to be punished, but they don't want the shame of admitting so to somebody that they know.


Visiting me or any other professional disciplinarian is the perfect way to pay for your 'crime' without anybody else knowing and getting a clean conscience once again.


You can either suggest what punishment you need or you can advise me what the offence is and I can suggest what might be appropriate.

The Rules

  • Safe Words - Red means stop!!! Amber means decrease the intensity!!! I will ALWAYS stick to these
  • I offer a spanking and discipline service. There are absolutely no sexual acts to be performed
  • I do not spank men.....ever!!
  • I will never reveal your identity and you shall not reveal mine
  • You will always refer to me as 'Sir' and nothing else