Implements & Toys


I carry a range of implements to give a authentic corporal punishment experience

These include; Riding Crops, Canes, Paddles, Whips, Tawses & Floggers.

Riding Crops

I have a selection of crops from thin fibre glass which gives a sharp stinging sensation through to hard leather that can break even the toughest of customers.


The feared cane is only used on thoroughly naughty customers. It has an iconic place in the corporal punishment world and well deserves it's reputation for inflicting a biting sting into it's recipient's bottom. I have a range of thicknesses and types of cane including the most popular 'school' type cane which I use most commonly.


Although paddles are traditionally an American spanking implement, in recent years, they have become very popular in the UK spanking circle. I carry a selection including wooden, plastic and leather paddles, some with holes in for that extra sting when appropriate.

Whips & Floggers

I have a huge range of whips and floggers at my disposal ranging from Suede and Leather floggers through to French Marionette Whips that leave a delightful pattern on ladies bottoms.


Restraints are only used with express and written permission. These include traditional handcuffs and ties as well as occasionally cable ties, like the ones featured in the first '50 Shades of Grey' book. I also use ankle restraints on some occasions when the client needs to be fixed in place completely.

The Rules

  • Safe Words - Red means stop!!! Amber means decrease the intensity!!! I will ALWAYS stick to these
  • I offer a spanking and discipline service. There are absolutely no sexual acts to be performed
  • I do not spank men.....ever!!
  • I will never reveal your identity and you shall not reveal mine
  • You will always refer to me as 'Sir' and nothing else