If you're a student that is, for the first time, living without your parents and having to discipline yourself to work, eat properly, manage your own finances and do life on your own, the odds are you're struggling and having some discipline in your life would probably be a good thing.


If you're struggling to hit the grades your should be in assignments, it would definitely be a good thing!!


Maybe you're just curious about what it's like to be spanked and dominated by and older guy? Either way, get in touch and arrange a session. I've no doubt I can help you improve your grades.


I have in the past been contacted by a Malaysian gentleman who contacted me and asked me to discipline his daughter (who was studying in the UK) for poor grades at university. She had three appointments with me before her grades had improved sufficiently that she no longer needed corporal punishment to help her stay focussed.

The Rules

  • Safe Words - Red means stop!!! Amber means decrease the intensity!!! I will ALWAYS stick to these
  • I offer a spanking and discipline service. There are absolutely no sexual acts to be performed
  • I do not spank men.....ever!!
  • I will never reveal your identity and you shall not reveal mine
  • You will always refer to me as 'Sir' and nothing else